"I will work closely with you, so that your vision may become reality."

-Nicholas Colvin- 




"With over 10 years of experience as a musician, I am able to bring a personal touch to the mixing table. I don't want to misinterpret any artist. I want your song to sound exactly as it does in your head."


Though specializing in mixing hard rock and extreme metal, I also have a background in mixing genres such as acoustic, country, pop, hip-hop, and EDM.


In order to reach the "big picture" sound, it's important to first pay attention to the smaller details. I'm willing to work with you step-by-step, taking all the time needed to achieve the best mix.

Acoustic Pop

Artist - Jeris Cole, Song - Chosen
Produced by David Glenn


Artist - Above Giants, Song - Shipwrecks


Artist - Antonio Petrole, Song - Zalost


Artist - Kizer, Song - Aristocrat


"Restart" is by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! of Fearless Records
Originally produced, mixed, and mastered by Joey Sturgis
Engineered by Joey Sturgis and Nick Scott
Recorded at The Foundation Estate
Drums recorded at 37 Studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan
Drums edited by Jeff Dunne
Vocals edited by Kacey Dodson


Artist - PT Starks, Song - City Lights

Power/Heavy Metal

Artist - Johnny Lokke, Song - Promises and Lies

Rock (Modern)

Artist - Miguel Batalha, Song - Fake Reality


Artist - Cognizance, Song - The Succession Of Flesh
Produced and Engineered by Eyal Levi
Assistant Engineering John Douglass
Recorded at Eyal Levi's Private Drum Room in Orlando, Florida


Artist - Eli Rises, Song - Nothing Holding Us Still

Metal Instrumental

Artist - Sam Whitaker, Song - Endless Decline
Written by Sam Whitaker and Tobias Trettin
Produced by Sam Whitaker and Al Harper
Recorded by Sam Whitaker, Nick Scott, and Al Harper
Originally mixed by Sam Whitaker
Originally mastered by Shaun Werle

50% off deal running for a limited time! (Below prices are shown before discount)

50% off deal running for a limited time! (Below prices are shown before discount)

Mixing Services:

Single song - $100 USD


Four songs (EP) - $300 USD

*Note: Although this is not a mastering studio, a free rough master can be provided to mix clients upon request. 

Other Services:

Vocal tuning - $30 USD

Time/phase alignment - around $20 to $50 USD on average (depends on the extent of work required)

Drum writing or drum replacement - around $20 to $50 per song on average

Video related audio services are also available upon request. (Ex: gating, compression, voice-over processing) Price negotiable. 

*Note: Minor to moderate editing during a mix bears no extra cost.